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360⁰ experience for purpose-driven business leaders 

Xynteo is a company that is galvanising a new movement of leaders who believe in doing business by doing good. They work with global organisations to innovate new products and services that are commercially viable and solve real world problems.

In order to strengthen and activate this community Xynteo uses novel forms of engagement to inspire collaboration, including an annual face to face Exchange. In November 2017, Xynteo hosted their Exchange in Oslo, Norway. They wanted to ensure that the momentum from the event would be sustained and would motivate other leaders to participate in their mission. 

At Fred, we believed that by combining technology, behavioural science and community engagement, we could play our part. In partnership with Xynteo – and leaders from organizations including Mastercard, Unilever and the ICRC – we created a 360⁰ immersive experience, which captured the spirit and scale of the event. We distributed (and personalized) it to one hundred individual leaders with virtual reality headsets and marketed the experience online.

Through this innovative content and our ongoing work with Xynteo we have helped to encourage business leaders around the world to play a meaningful role in overcoming societal and environmental challenges.